General Information

San Jose:


The city of San Jose become the capital instead Cartago city in 1823, currently the population of San Jose province is 1.633.282 people, and it host the University of Costa Rica and two others government universities, and 50 private universities, it host all the ministries, chambers of commerce, industry, many banks, embassies, consulates, several theaters, cinemas and commercial complexes. It is close to the international airport. As well as it host an Islamic center since 2002.

Geographical information:

Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordered to the north by the Republic of Nicaragua, from the south by the Republic of Panama, from the East by the Atlantic Ocean and from the west by the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is famous of its beauty nature and permanent green color in summer and winter. There are also several volcanoes and the highest one rises 3350 meters above sea level, and contains gardens, forests and reserves, including different types of birds as well as reptiles and beautiful flowers.


The Costa Rican Colon is equal to 1/560 of the US Dollar and the price is usually fluctuated between 500-600 Colón Costa Rican dollars.

World time difference:

between Doha and San Jose is 9 hours and there is no change to the hour in summer or winter.

The society:

Until the twentieth century, Costa Rican society was equally there is no difference between rich and poor, unlike other Latin American countries, where the rich class did not mix with the poor class. But since the advent of liberal politics and globalization, this equality in Costa Rica has disappeared.

The big part of Costa Rican are European descent, most of them are Spanish origin, and indigenous peoples and a large numbers of black people come from the Caribbean Islands to work on the construction of the railway linking the two oceans.

Culture and heritage:

The Central American countries consider Costa Rica as Switzerland of Central America. Their culture is descending of indigenous peoples, Spanish and Europeans, African civilizations, as well as the arrival of large numbers of Chinese, which has influenced the culture of the country.

Costa Rican citizen is more cultural than other citizen of Central American, as Costa Rica is a bridge between the North American and South American cultures.

People and politics:


The people:
Costa Rica is a happy people and loves to help foreigners, especially in villages and the countryside, a peaceful people. The army has been abolished since 1948.

Costa Rica has been a democratic country for more than 100 years. Every four years the people elect the President of the Republic, 57 deputies to the Parliament, there are 5 large parties, and several parties of the provinces and have followers and always have deputies in parliament.